Choosing a voltage regulator

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Chances are that if you look inside the electronic items in your home or office you will find plenty of linear regulators and you have probably used a fair number of them in your own projects. Being so inexpensive and simple to use, they are routinely used to regulate circuit supply voltages without much thought or consideration. A simple and effective method made popular by the introduction of three-terminal fixed voltage IC regulators. Despite many newer components now available, regulator designs that date back to the 1970’s are still widely used. Is there a better option? Continue reading “Choosing a voltage regulator”

All About Solder

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Are you using the right solder?

Solder is an eutectic metal alloy wire with a melting point low enough to be melted with a soldering iron. An eutectic alloy melts at a lower temperature than the individual metals used to produce it.

Lead Solder

Conventional solder is made from Tin (Sn) and Lead (Pb), despite the heath issues associated with lead it is still the preferred type of solder for many electronics enthusiasts. Although lead solder can not be used in products destined for sale, lead solder is still produced and easily obtainable for use in electronics. The melting temperature of Tin-Lead solder is approximately 190°C.

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Tomorrow Starts Today

Welcome to Electronorama – a new website covering all aspects of electronics.

In the pre-internet era; electronics was a popular hobby.  If you are old enough to remember a time before the internet you will probably have spent many an hour reading electronics magazines and building the projects contained therein. Titles such as Practical Electronics, Everyday Electronics and Electronics Today International could be found at every newsagent.

The world has changed a lot in recent years, electronics is everywhere and in everything, there is scarcely any part of our lives that are left untouched buy electronics and computer technology today. The internet has become so embedded in our everyday lives that it would be difficult to imagine a life without it.

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